Banking in Early Franklin County  by Martha Gardner

Vice-President Wheeler: An Unsung Champion of Civil Rights? by Jim Britell & Wayne Miller

Goldsmith Through the Years by Waldo Tomosky

Letters of Hunger and Hope by Ted Mills

Word From Siberia, 1919

The Saga of Uncle Ross and the Chickens by Tracy Edwards

From the Journal of Rev. Eleazar Williams

The Battle of Trout River by Jim Lacross

Memories: Ice Cream Memories by Wayne Miller

Memories: Sharing An Ancestral Home by Peggy Roulston

Memories of Mom's Chickens by Theresa McCabe Premo

Memories: On Losing Your Marbles by Jim Lacross

Postcard Glimpses of Franklin County History by Peggy Roulston

Volume 51  (2016)


Philander Deming: Burke's Illustrious Court Reporter by Herbert Hallas

Paul Smith and His Hotel: The Saratoga of the Adirondacks by Dave Waite

The Lynch Brothers Store by Diane Taylor

More Words From the Past

Letters and Images from World War One 

Honor Roll of Those Who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice

Memories: The Doctor Meets the Train by John Dalphin

Memories: First Congregational Church: Malone's Signature Building by Jim LaCoss

Memories: Sunday Drives by The FHR Editors

Postcard Glimpses of Franklin County History by Peggy Roulston

Volume 52  (2017)


A Trip to Lake Meacham by Dave Waite

From Ringville to Owls Head by Waldo Tomosky

Company K - 100 Years Ago in the "Great War" Edited by Martha Gardner

Spanish Influenza in Franklin County 1918-1919 by John Dalphin

Wash Day by Jim Lacoss

Postcard Glimpses of Franklin County History by Peggy Roulston

The Home Front by FHR Editors

Volume 53  (2018)


Happy Birthday, Vice-President Wheeler! by Martha Gardner

Jonathan Thompson & the First Stage Line in Franklin County by Dave Waite

The Moaner, a Tupper Lake Legend by Carol Poole

A History of Electricity in Franklin County: A Photo Essay (adapted from a speech by Dave Werner, 2016) by Tracy Edwards

Prohibition in Franklin County by John Dalphin

Postcard Glimpses of Franklin County by Peggy Roulston

Dancing in the Gym by Peggy Roulston

The Neighborly Path on Sunset Ridge by John Dalphin

An Attic Discovery by Carol Poole

Volume 54  (2019)


John Hurd and the Lumbermen of the Northern Adirondack Railroad by Dave Waite

Will Martin Tragedy February 2-3, 1902 by Richard E. Tucker

Passage of the 19th Amendment: Suffragettes of Franklin County by Nancy Rogers

Mini Editorial about Women’s Suffrage, Malone Palladium, November 8, 1894

Two Years in the Life of Dr. Percival Freeman Dalphin: 1920-1921 by John F. Dalphin

The Rural School of 50 Years Ago (reprint from 1971) by Sarah R. Koch

The Country Schoolmarm, A Memoir by Gwendolyn Kelley

My Pandemic Classroom by Tracy Edwards

Student Responses to the Pandemic

Tupper Lake Dad edited by Carol Poole

Do You Remember? by Peggy Roulston

Volume 55  (2020-2021)


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