A Brief History of Franklin Academy, Malone, NY by G. Berton Davis, Sr.

Pigion's Mill by Mildred McCormick Oeser
History of Trout River by Louise White 

Women's Christian Temperance Union by Robert Maclntyre

Malone Guardsmen  by George Bradish

West Bangor Normandie House by Herbert K. Hastings

Nightmare by Dorothy LaBelle

Trudeau by John J. Duquette

Home Town Boy Makes Good by Mary Ann Tallon

Some Notes on the Classic Cottage by Robert McGowan

Miss Lucia Gilbert, A Personal Recollection by Claribel Cantwell

The Franklin House of History by James Wyman

Volume 11  (1974)


Our Trip to the Museum by "Museum Day" Winning

Hop Raising (Adirondack Forests, Fields, & Mines) by Floy S. Hyde
The Centennial Recalled by Franklin County History Club 

The Case of the Eccentric Millionaire &

The Editor Rambles by Malone Evening Telegram

The Dutch Schultz Trial (Excerpt from Heydays of the Adirondacks)  by Maitland C. DeSormo

History of the Franklin County Fair by Roy S. Hall

Article with Poem (Wishful Thinking) by Mary Ann Tallon

Franklin County and the War of 1812 by Mazie Hesseltine

A Dream Come True (4-H Camp Overlook) by J. Frank Stevens

Franklin Owl (Genealogical Section) by Genealogy Committee

The Roberts Family-First Settlers of Chateaugay by Marion Roberts

Marriages Performed by Rev. Ashbel Parmelee, 1830-1831

Volume 12  (1975)


Report of Franklin County Bicentennial Commission by Elizabeth Donovan

Ashton Hall by Herbert K. Hastings

Ballard Mill Restoration by Douglas Kelley 

Constable, NY Bicentennial Community USA by Mary Ann Tallon

Historic Preservation  by Edward S. Tattershall

The Paul Smith's Electric Railway by Dr. Michael Kudish

Our Roots, Our Trunk, & Our Branches by Elizabeth Menke

The Merrill Family Cemetery, Chateaugay, NY by Stephen Morrison

Franklin Owl (Genealogical Section) by Genealogy Committee

The Tattershall Family History by Edward Tattershall

Marriages Performed by Rev. Ashbel Parmelee, 1831-1833

Volume 13  (1976)


Growing Up in Franklin County 1888-1908 by Warren H. Hinks

Iron- Its Development at Lyon Mountain by Michael O'Keefe

Tupper Lake - Then and Now by Louis J. Simmons 

One Pupil - One Teacher in One Room School by Louise White

Borderline Limited-The Frontier  by Miriam O'Neil

An Ethnic Story- The Irish to 1850 by Elizabeth Donovan

The Hoits of Chateaugay 

Marriages Performed by Rev. Ashbel Parmelee, 1833-1835

Volume 14  (1977)


Borderline Limited (Part 2) by Miriam O'Neil

To Be Continued by William J. Slack

Reminiscences of Malone 1920-1924 by Alice Geer Kelsey

Ode to the Cedars by William P. McClary

Bootlegging- A Way of Life  by C. Walter Smallman

Gavel by Edward Tattershall

The Hermit of Ampersand Mountain by Seaver Miller Rice

Maguire Family History by Rev. Frederick P. Shue

The Legacy by Mary Ann Talon

Marriages Performed by Rev. Ashbel Parmelee, 1835-1836

Volume 15  (1978)


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Historical Reviews Volumes 11-15 (1974-1978)