Westville-A Glance at the Past by Susan McGibbon Tobias

The Thurbers of Bellmont by Ted Mills

Cantwell's Hall Phyllis Thompson 

History of Churches in Dickinson by Betty Wood

Calvin Coolidge Summer White House Days at White Pine Camp in Paul Smiths by Florence Ruth Klein

Burke (Poem)

Volume 36  (2001)


Five Founders of Franklin County by Ruth A. Jones Ryan

Phelps Smith Goes to Europe by Ruth Klein Hoyt

The Day the Mountain Cried by E. S. Thomas 

Owney, The Globetrotter, Visits Malone by Gloria Russell

The McKinney's of Bellmont by Ted Mills

Volume 37  (2002)


One Hundred Years Ago by Peg Roulston, Society Historian

Remembering William A. Wheeler on His 184th Birthday by Meagan McCarthy

Growing Up in North Burke by Caroline Swanston Harter 

Teacher's Training Class by Phyllis Thompson

Military and Civilian Leaders in the Rebellion by Kathryn Badger Murtagh

Volume 38  (2003)


One Hundred Years Ago by Peggy Roulston

"Molding Lives": Children's Camps in Franklin County by Hallie Bond

Musings of a Chateaugay Lad  by Robert Miles 

Once More Peace and Quiet Reigns by Abraham Klohs

Two Extant Organs in Franklin County by Ralph B. Hastings

Saturday Morning: An Essay on Ethnicity by Sandi Maroney

A Man of the 98th by Charlotte Degon Carr with James B. Carr

Ballads of the Adirondacks by E. S. Thomas

Volume 39  (2004)


The Salmon River as the Historical Backbone of Malone and Vicinity by Anne Werley Smallman

100 Years Ago-1905 by Peggy Roulston

The Chateaugay Co-op Era:1937-2003  by Beverly Titus

The Clothesline War by Charlotte Carr

Recollections of Earlier Days in Malone by Karl Sylvanus Dewey

Homespun to Factory Cloth: Nineteenty-Century Textile Production by Shirley Morgan

Moses Bessette and the Politics of Malone, 1905-1915 by John Bessette

Civil War Letter of William Bell Miles by John Dodge Miles

Volume 40  (2005)


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