The Reluctant Hero of Company "K" by Jim LaCross

A Personnel Retrospective on Collecting Oral History 40 Years Ago by William J. Langlois and Robert H. McGowan

Reynoldston, New York, Timeline.   by William J. Langlois and Robert H. McGowan

Recollections From Susan Man McCulloch (1818-1898) by Ray and Susan Williams 

Parallel Lines from Quebec: Clement and Louis Courbron by Donald Coulbron King (Roy)

Jail Break- Malone, New York! by John George Moore

Memories: Selling Books  by Bill McClary

Memories: Remembering Santa Claus  by John George Moore

Volume 46  (2011)


Historical Society Revived (in 1938)   by Peggy Roulston- Society Historian

The Bangor Bicentennial  by Patt S. Hooker, Bangor Town Historian

The Pinsonneaults and Heberts: How to Do Research on French-Canadian Families with Franklin County Connections  by Jim and Charlotte Carr

A Civil War Soldier by Carol Payment Poole and Carl Marshall

Constable Smugglers Indicted (Circa 1920)  by Bob Byington

And the Tracks Ran Through it. by Jim LaCross

Memories: The Tenor at Sansone's   by Bill McClary

Memories: The Vault  by Jim LaCross

Memories: The Return of the Native by Dan Riley

Volume 47  (2012)


Amish Settlements in Franklin County, New York.  by Karen M. Johnson-Weiner

Turning Points in the Life of William Almon Wheeler  by Herbert C. Hallas

Understanding the French-Canadian Emigration into Northern New York by Jim LaCross

Memories: Border Music by Peggy Roulston

Memories: WICY by Bill McClary

Memories: Childhood Memories of Growing Up in Malone by Jim LaCoss

Memories: During World War II by Jim LaCoss

The Malone Trivia Quiz by Jim Lacross 

Volume 48  (2013)


Robert Louis Stevenson 1850-1894  by Peggy Roulston

I am the Kitchen Stove   by Prudence Hotaling Mix

The Story of Morningside Cemetery Retold by Jim LaCross

The Influx of Chinamen  by Penalope Clute

Chinese Smugglers Busy from the Malone Palladium, March 1st, 1990 

Quality and Quantity: The County Fair and the Family Farm  by Ted Mills

Old View of Oleo a Reprinted Article by Frank Schryer from the Malone Palladium

The Franklin County Agricultural Society and Its Impact on Malone and the North Country by Jim Lacross 

Memories G. Berton Davis Sr., G. Berton Davis Jr.

Harris J. Kimball: Growing up in Bruston by Tracy Edwards-Warren


Volume 49  (2014)


The Namesakes for Franklin County's GAR Posts by Herbert C. Hallas

Lest We Forget by Jim LaCross

"I Was Trying To Do My Bit:" Cadet Mourice Milne by Robert H. McGowan

The Degons, From the Pyrenees to Malone: Eight Generations and Beyond on the Worldwide Web by James B. Carr for Charlotte Degon Carr.

My Aunt Was Engaged to a Bigamist! Uncovering Family Secrets Using Online Newspapers by Tracy Edwards-Warren

Volume 50  (2015)


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